First Semester Wrap Up

A little over a week ago, I successfully completed my first semester of college at the University of Charleston.  I carried 19 hours this semester and am currently scheduled for 21 hours in the spring.  Transitioning from high school to college has been relatively easy for me, as I was most certainly ready for a change, and I am also still at home.  I have loved pretty much every minute of it so far and I pray that I continue to love it this much throughout my entire journey at this university.

I am personally very happy with my choice of school and couldn’t see myself anywhere else.  I am an integrated communications major and have enjoyed classes on things such as human communication and public relations.  I was even able to take an American government class because this was something I came to enjoy in high school, and I was able to learn a lot in there as well.  I love what I have chosen to get my degree in and have gained so much knowledge that I don’t plan to let slip away.  I have developed a new love for learning and truly enjoyed going to my classes.

I’ve gotten to meet a lot of super nice people from all over the world through my various courses, which has been very new and exciting for me.  I have also met new people through being a student ambassador at the school. As a student ambassador, we give tours to prospective students, work in the admissions office a couple of times a week, and work at events like scholarship competitions and open houses.  Not only have I made other student ambassador friends that I am grateful for, but I’ve also been able to meet some people that may be my classmates in the future!

I’m excited to see what my next semester of classes brings as well as the semesters following that.  I intend on keeping everyone updated on my studies and life as a college student throughout the next few years, as well as having these posts as memories to look back on myself.  I intend to keep up my hard work, push myself as much as possible, and continue learning as much as I can.  I am so incredibly blessed to be able to further my education and I am so thankful for a family who has gotten me this far!


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