Young Life… It’s For Everyone.

The guy you always see at a party on Saturday nights?  Young Life is for him.  The girl who has dated nearly every guy in the school?  Young Life is for her.  The kids that would never miss a Sunday at church?  You guessed it… Young Life is for them too.  It has come to my attention lately, especially through Twitter, that some people believe those who “visibly” sin should not be going to Young Life, or they believe that Young Life is only full of kids that go out and party.  Guess what?  Neither of those things are true, and Young Life is for everyone.

Sure, people go to Young Life because it’s fun, and maybe that is the only reason why they go.  However, there are also kids there for the fun AND to hear God’s word.  They deserve to get to hear that.  This is supposed to be a place where there is no judgement and where you can really be yourself.  If that’s the case, why are so many people judging others for being there?

Where would we be if God didn’t forgive?  If you were unaware, we all sin.  No one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes.  There are people trying to find themselves, and maybe it’s not in a way that we deem appropriate, but should we love them any less?  Would I want anyone to love me any less for my mistakes?  Would God love us any less?  The answer is most certainly no.  Kids come to Young Life and are loved so greatly by their leaders, and they also get the chance to learn about a God that loves them endlessly.  They gain a whole new support system and a group of people who love them no matter what.  Maybe that’s what they need.  What would we be if we tried to stop them from that because we don’t think they are who they should be?

Sure, Young Life is for those who live their life for the Lord already, but it’s also for those who have never known of Him before.  Every single person deserves a chance to find Him and form a relationship with Him if that’s what they want to do.  Don’t knock Young Life before you’ve tried it, and don’t call someone out for going when you personally think they shouldn’t be.  No matter what you’ve heard, no matter what you believe, Young Life is still for everyone.


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